TakeCharge on-chip ESD for advanced CMOS

Sofics TakeCharge
When generic or foundry on-chip solutions for ESD do not meet your needs, TakeCharge® technology is the logical choice. Proven in thousands of ICs in commercial production, it offers a fast, reliable way to balance ESD protection with cost while enabling maximum IC performance.

Design without constraints

  • Low parasitic capacitance for high speed or wireless applications
  • Low leakage for analog interface protection
  • Protect interfaces with the most sensitive nodes like thin gates, core devices

Reduce time to market by several months

  • Large library of ESD clamps available
  • Customized EOS/ESD solutions can be delivered within a few weeks for almost any CMOS node
  • Proven in more than 50 foundry and proprietary technologies

Strongly reduce IC cost

  • Silicon and product proven ESD solutions help to reduce IC development costs
  • Smaller silicon footprint – reduce production cost by up to 10% through smaller dies
  • Compatible with standard process flow. It is possible to skip e.g. ESD implant and save >$40/wafer