Eliminating costly re-spins – From repeated ESD failures to 40 straight successes


A midsized IC company was experiencing problems in getting consistent ESD performance and in passing ESD specifications. The results were sometimes excellent, sometimes OK, and sometimes disastrous, but always surprising. The main motivation for connecting with Sofics was “to take the black magic out of ESD design.”

We ported ESD solutions and design methodology to the customer. Then we worked closely with the customer’s design team to optimize the mix of Sofics and public domain solutions so they could reap the most benefit. The customer’s ESD team went through a fast, steep learning curve, on both Sofics advanced solutions and ESD design in general.

Using their newly acquired knowledge, the customer team ported the technology and applied the methodology to different internal processes themselves, with stunning results. In the first year they had more than 40 first-time-right designs in a row, in various technologies and for different types of product applications.

Not all of the customer’s products contain Sofics IP, by the way: we helped them understand and decide when it was more cost efficient to use our IP blocks, and when it made more sense to stick with public domain solutions.