Case histories and examples


Sofics has supported more than 60 customers with on-chip ESD protection clamps. You can read about some of the examples below. Click on a headline for the full story of how Sofics technology solved a tough ESD/EOS problem while reducing total IC/SOC cost and enabling maximum performance.

Reducing LCD driver manufacturing costs
Sofics helps an LCD driver manufacturer reduce its total product die size by over 12%.

Eliminating costly re-spins – From repeated ESD failures to 40 straight successes
Technology transfer gives IC company the knowledge and tools to design ESD protection that works across technologies and applications. more…

Cutting Development Costs – A non-standard ESD solution for 15V pins
A customer has Sofics design protection for high-voltage pins; the cost is lower than in-house development. more…

Passing an IEC Test – “Impossible” ESD under normal operational requirements
Our solution meets rigorous 8kV IEC 61000-4-2 requirements despite constraints on signal path resistance, capacitive load budget, and IC size. more…