SCR based on-Chip ESD protection for LNA’s


Paper presented at the Taiwan ESD and Reliability Conference in 2010.

Abstract – Nowadays, mobile consumer electronics devices integrate various wireless interfaces like WIFI, Bluetooth, GPRS and GPS. Various approaches exist to protect the wireless interfaces against ESD stress. In recent years, researchers have focused on so-called ‘co-design’ techniques to solve both functional and protection constraints together which requires both RF and ESD design skills.
However many IC designers still prefer to work with ‘plug-n-play’protection concepts where the ESD clamps exhibit low parasitic capacitance, low series resistance and low leakage. This paper presents measurement results of 3 different SCR based protection approaches that exhibit high Q-factor and low and stable parasitic capacitance over a broad voltage and frequency range. The clamps are used for protection of LNA circuits in 90nm and 40nm Low Power (LP) CMOS technologies.

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