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Sofics® is the world leader in on-chip electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical overstress (EOS) solutions for ICs. Our technology is proven in all of the world’s major foundries and process nodes, and has been successfully implemented in several thousands chip designs from IC companies of all sizes.

Our TakeCharge® portfolio of on-chip solutions offers unique advantages in any IC design requiring custom or specialty I/Os, from 0.18um down to 28nm. TakeCharge technology enables twice the I/O performance in applications that run at high frequencies or high speeds. In low-power applications it delivers ESD protection with leakage that is orders of magnitude lower than generic solutions. When applications call for more robust ESD/EOS protection, TakeCharge outperforms all other approaches while occupying far less silicon area.

Sofics also offers PowerQubic® technology, a breakthrough in delivering robust on-chip EOS solutions in high-voltage applications. PowerQubic handles all system-level ESD/EOS requirements.

With our large and growing portfolio of patented IP, in most cases the precise ESD/EOS solution you need will be available off the shelf. Our TakeCharge customers include many of the world’s leading IC makers, and our PowerQubic portfolio has been licensed by a top tier foundry to offer to their customers.

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